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Membership and Community


Membership and Community

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Membership and Community

The members of a space are its most critical community. Making membership meaningful and useful, forming healthy community between members, engaging new members (and maintaining relationships with members that have graduated) is essential to the long-term success and health of a space. 

This blog post is the Space Federation's central place to talk and discuss ideas related to membership and community. Share and discuss these ideas on an on-going basis, and use the accompanying Book Pages to share your best practices, forms, and paperwork related to membership.

  • How do you bring new members on board?
  • What do you do when a member leaves?
  • How do members work together on projects?
  • How do members engage with the space?


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Yesterday I was talking with the treasurer Adam at MakeIt Labs in New Hampshire, and he expressed interest in learning about how to structure corporate memberships.

He was looking for examples, templates, all the different sources of information that could help their space develop a program to get local businesses engaged and supporting the space financially.

Bucketworks has offered corporate memberships in the past, priced at a premium, and offering controlled and focused access and benefit in terms of using the space.

For example, we charged local Fortune 500 companies several hundred dollars a month to have access twice a month for up to six hours. Most used their membership to escape the office and get work done. All they needed was a room with some decent energy/vibe, wireless internet, and a table. (Apparently the modern corporation doesn't always offer this. :)

These days we work mostly with small to medium-sized businesses-- non-profits, schools, and corporations with anywhere from 2-2000 employees. These groups are often more agile and innovative, and we can meet the owners and leaders personally, know they live in our community, and learn how they engage with the overall quality of life in our area.

I'm going to organize a workshop on this topic. Would you be interested in participating? The outcome would be some templates that we could use to make it easier to connect with businesses who would benefit from using our spaces. If you want to participate, leave a comment and I'll post logistics.

Questions to think about:

  • Is your space more creative than a hotel conference room?
  • What could you do with an extra $500-$1500 a month?
  • How would you limit and focus access so it's not a burden on volunteers to manage?
  • Do you have a room that is clean enough to sit in comfortably for 4-6 hours?
  • Is the internet reliable and fast?
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