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All Hands Active


All Hands Active

2012.02.10 Willow and Alexander


They are now cash stable! - contracting for bright futures, enough members. slight bleed in last two months but doing well. Have about 27 stable members, 4 or 5 occasional
There are even new members not everyone knows!
They bought business that had been housing them - super exciting!
Educational programs going super well. Backyard Brains growing super fast, as is Bright Futures. Doing projects with their school district, science museum, etc.
Marketing is a sticking point. met with a bunch of people from business school, didn't even know about it. Don't know how to reach out to students. Putting out fires, more events on campus. Participating in TEDX at U of M. Special Startup Weekend with AHA. M-Powered, Kauffman.
Lots and lots of classes. We have one class 4 out of 7 nights of the week.
Debate on SF recently. Slow to get ahold of James. Thinking of founding our 501c3, or going through i3. Wonderful idea, but not being actualized
For GWOB - Introducing to Appropriate Technology Collective  
Space Federation
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