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PS: One 2012.02.14 call

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PS: One 2012.02.14 call


2/14 Tim and Willow


  • How are you doing? How do you feel about the space?

Things are good, looking at moving into a bigger space. Pretty much a done deal, maybe moving in May 1st. If we move today. ~80% goes to rent. Back to that in this new space. By the time we move, with new members, it'll be better than that.

Feels like people just come in, do their work, then head out. Past Dunbar's number - not everyone knows everyone else. Want to try to motivate some more community integration by doing a facewall. Good problem to have. At some point we'll quit growing, split into Pumping Station: Two


  • Sticking points, victories

Consistent issues with members. Not president until you kick someone out. Sometimes people remove themselves. Find the space but don't figure out that they don't fit. One was not respectful of others' property. Next was a power struggle drama, caused issues on public lists etc. One would sometimes end up off his meds, got him to get help.

Laser cutter obtained, got that on a bank loan. Over a hundred members a couple months ago.


  • Outreach to other orgs / gov / schools / etc

​Not really. Tried contacting library, comms for a bit, then change of guard on their side, nothing since then.


  • What new things are you trying? What outcomes do you hope they will have?

Separated into different areas, some concern about cross pollenation not happening as well.


  • How are you feeling about Space Federation?

Atrium is great, but notifications don't seem to be working.

David - can you check on this?

How do we use our 501c3? - don't know how to hire a grant writer

Space Federation
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