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Strategic Plan for 2012


Strategic Plan for 2012

We've built a plan for the 2012 year, breaking out the six dimensions of the Space Federation and the activities for the year.

Our six areas of focus are:

  1. Community development: Organizing the monthly calls, SpaceCamp events, and other activities that help our spaces connect to each other
  2. Leadership development: Supporting the leaders, founders, and board members of spaces
  3. Advocacy: working with state, local, federal governments and institutions to support spaces
  4. Technology: Creating better tools for management, communications, access control, and whatever else we can dream up
  5. Fundraising and Development: Raising money, finding sponsors, writing grants, and REVENUE
  6. Legal / Tax / Compliance: Providing 501(c)3 status, making sure we're compliant with tax laws, organizing group exemption

For background on our Big Vision, check out this Prezi:



Take a look and provide your feedback in the comments below!

School Factory 2012 Dashboard

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