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New chat forum..


New chat forum..

We've tried a couple different things in the past (Yammer and HipChat), but it seems like IRC is the way to go.

Please join us on freenode, channel #spacefed

Anyone who knows about chatbots and modding, please ping me. Plate is overfull right now and help would be greatly appreciated.

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The Chat dashboard is added to Atrium:

  1. Click Chat
  2. Enter a nickname
  3. Enter the Captcha
  4. Click Connect

I'm also sticking this widget on the public site.


Hot damn, lookit us go!


You should register with freenode. Their system is manual, so once you submitted it you'll want to go to #freenode once a week to ask if anyone has completed it.

You'll want this for ChanServ. A helpful tip I found in another channel, use the auto-voice function to mark people more likely to be able to answer questions.



I've done some chatbot stuff on the Bloominglabs irc server. What'd you have in mind?


Yay Bloominglabs! I went to school at IU.

I was thinking a way of leaving people messages:

willowbl00: Hey, bot, tell SteveBloominglabs that I need to talk to him.

Bot: Will do!

/willowbl00 has left

SteveBloominglabs has joined

Bot: Hey SteveBloominglabs! willowbl00 sez : "Hey, bot, tell SteveBloominglabs that I need to talk to him."

Or some such.

Other useful things would be FAQ

Anything involving "Fiscal sponsorship" should point to

Anything about donations should point to

And the like.


Hey Willow,

That sounds pretty simple. I will whip something up this weekend and let you know.

When were you at IU? We are relatively new (started in 2009, moved in with a collaborative artists group in 2010, and got our own space last year).



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