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Coworking session for the Space Kit!


Coworking session for the Space Kit!


We need your help in filling out the book pages on how to start a space on the meta level, regardless of geographic location or governance structure. Take a look here to get a feel for the beginnings.

We expect there will be four major phases - Discover, Formation, Launch, and Outreach. What are the steps your space took for each of these phases? If already described in another book page, flesh it out more, tag it appropriately, do some general edits. If a step is missing, add it in.

We'll be doing a coworking session Tuesday, March 6th at 16:00 PST (19:00 EST) on Skype. Ping this post with a comment and I'll add you to the invite (which includes a link to the doc we'll be working from). Yay!

After the book is contructed, we'll run it through a script to turn the book pages into Projects and Cases.

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count me in :)

Sorry I haven't been making the call-ins, wednesday nights are usually pretty bad for me.

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Joe, we always miss you on the call! I'm glad you can make it for the Kit Co-working session. You've got plenty of stuff to add to the sections on occupancy and code compliance, I bet. :)


We are ready to rumble. Willow is a bit late to start so we're going to do this on Skype. My nick is bucketworks. Please add me and I'll bring you into the conference. As an alternative, how about Google Plus? A hangout could be a great way to rock this.


Join me in the hangout or connect with me on Skype!


Willow and I made a TON of updates to the Space Kit in a marathon 2 hour co-working session! See the results and add your own. Something you can do to help us:

  1. Add your state's Articles of Incorporation PDF to the master directory
  2. Click edit on any page and add more tags
  3. Complete the "Learn about your Community" step in the Discovery phase. It's almost done!

We'll schedule another co-working session soon and look forward to your input!

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