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Hosting for Hackerspaces and their projects

Task: Hosting for Hackerspaces and their projects

Assigned To: 
James Carlson
Due Date: 
Thursday, May 10

This is a case for tracking and Q/A re the hosting opportunity with Rackspace.

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Alright, so previously we signed up with Rackspace when we were told about it. I never recieved anything back from them. It was marked as School Factory.

Sorry for jumping in the GWOB thread, it seemed the best chance to find someone who Rackspace had responded to.


Assigned To: »James Carlson
Due Date: Friday, Mar 2»Thursday, May 10

James, can you please provide an update as to where all this is at? I've heard bits and pieces, but it would be nice to have in one concentrated place. Maybe even a notebook page? Thanks!


Status: Open»Resolved

For now it looks like our Rackspace contact has gone silent. We do maintain a server which we're sharing with Mach30 so be careful when using it. If you need space for your site, get in direct touch with us.

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