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Comcast internet services discount


Comcast internet services discount

Just confirmed with Shawn McCrary at Comcast that we can umbrella our 501c3 over any space that has Comcast internet service to get a discount!

Normal price for 12MB internet connection is $66.95, but under 501c3 it's $48.95. 

If your space can use Comcast, and if you do not have the 501c3 discount in effect, please let us know who your account rep is. We send them our determination letter and they then give you the discount. 

Let us know if you have questions!

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This is great news!  We were also told by Comcast (here in Oregon anyway) that the normal setup fee was $200 for a 6 month contract but they could lower the fee to $50 for 501c3 organizations.  Does that mean that we should also be able to get the setup fee discount as well?  Thanks so much!


We're using comcast at Nova Labs and would LOVE a discount.  ;)


Here is our rep's information:


Kurt H. Steinbrecher | Business Services Account Executive - Outbound

Comcast Business Services – Northeast Division

676 Island Pond Road, Manchester, NH 03109

Office: 603.628.3366




Just started the process with Comcast to get business-class service installed at the OlyMEGA Space. Will be getting the site surveyed and talking with our rep on Monday. I wanted to get this end of the process started as well. Here's the relevant contact info:

Account Rep: Ben Mead (benjamin_mead /at/
Phone: 360-239-0700

The person I spoke with on the phone said they could accept a copy of the determination letter via electronic means, so emailing it to Ben is probably the easiest option.

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