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Hacker Dojo short-term fiscal sponsorship

Task: Hacker Dojo short-term fiscal sponsorship

Assigned To: 
James Carlson
Due Date: 
Tuesday, Mar 13

Hacker Dojo is refitting its space to get up to fire code. Some of the people who would like to support them would also like to have their donations be tax deductable.


For over 2 years Hacker Dojo has been a strong community and a great place to throw hackathons, conferences, classes, movie nights, and job fairs. These events (legally termed our "permission to assemble") are essential to the spirit of the Dojo.


In the past, the City of Mountain View had been more permissive of occupancy limits in buildings; however, due to fire code and Mountain View zoning regulations, our ability to hold large events is hampered and is currently capped at 49 attendees.


Now Hacker Dojo is launching a massive fundraising effort so that we can renovate our building and invite everybody back to assemble again!


Learn more at

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Talked to Tim (Treasurer) this morning. He has the paperwork and is going to sign and send back to us, likely today or tomorrow.

He will be talking to the donator about their prefered method of payment to School Factory, and will also notify us of what transfer method Hacker Dojo prefers from School Factory. We may need to be on the lookout for checks in the mail for a prompt turn around.

As a one-off, this fiscal sponsorship was negotiated at 7% of incoming funds.


Assigned: Willow Brugh » James Carlson

Received signed from Tim. Need to review and sign as well.


Signed doc sent back to you and Tim via email.


I have been in contact with the funder, who has the documents needed to process the donation to Hacker Dojo. Willow, who on Atrium is the Hacker Dojo person we should be notifying about all this?


I don't think Tim is on Atrium, but can be reached at


Excellent, thank you. 


Final signed agreement is executed with the donor organization. Now we will await payment.


On Wed, Apr 25, 2012 at 10:43 PM, Kaelin Colclasure <> wrote:

Hi Katy,
I approved this grant with the understanding that it would be passed to the Dojo through an organization called the School Factory. The last email I have on the subject from Joanne (who handles actually sending the check) stated that we were just waiting for the paperwork from them. That was last month. She had not mentioned any hold ups when I last heard from her (last week) so I was under the impression that we had already made this grant.
I will ask Joanne for the latest news. Is there someone you can ping at the School Factory?


Status: Open»Resolved

Payment received and check mailed to Hacker Dojo today.

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