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2012 03 21 (March!)


2012 03 21 (March!)

  • Introductions : Your Name, Your Space, City, What do you make? [list] [concise]
    • Maureen from Mach 30 - Dayton OH. Make systems work as efficiently as possible in as a surprising a way as possible.
    • J. from Mach 30 - Dayton OH. DIYode and Mach30. Play MMO on exercise bike. HAB project with planetarium and Mach30
    • James from School Factory - theater, Space Federation, School Factory, Bucketworks, hackathons, unconferences, meetups, drawings. Photos.
    • Justin from Oly - working on soldering skills, LED matrix. software guy at heart, working on porting the library into other languages. Binary distributions of that to github. Get it up on Move.
    • Jerry from Maui - Maui Makers is a small collective in Hawaii. Make spaces here, also make High Capacity. They’re thinking about School Factory as well. Software engineer. Embedded systems, CNC, etc. Aquaponics.
    • Willow from School Factory
  • Space Federation Updates :
    • Mach30 and Space Federation

Started on SpaceFed calls in October. Set up call with Greg and James and Willow. Have an MOA for a working partnership. Have a final draft done, waiting to get all the approval processes done. Going to post all over so people can see what’s going on. Both transparent organizations, have things we can help each other with. Mach30 is going to get some insurance stuff going, getting some material about how to do consensus-based decision making. SpaceFed helping with promos and servers for ODE. ODE is a web portal for open source hardware projects.

    • MAKE and Maker Faire - overview from our call with Dale

A place for students to pick up a desire to work with their hands, a different learning method. Link up to independent spaces in area, not replace them. Create a flow from the schools to the local space.
Transparency side of things - the process is moving slowly, but once it’s finalized MAKE says it will become more transparent.
Maui is doing a lot with education in their area. Especially with high school and lower. Circuits and robotics. Having a maker space in the high school would be an awesome thing.
Continue this conversation on the Education Topic on Atrium.

    • Forming an advisory board for Space Federation

Actively seeking members for advisory board for Space Federation, to drive this program forward. Help us focus, come up with good ideas, work on our strategic plans. The commitment is a brief monthly call, quarterly call, yearly long call. Pay attention to what’s happening at Space Fed Atrium and Twitter, be aware of what is going on. Be a good evangelist of what we’re doing, help Willow and James do good work. Want to be sure what we’re doing is relevant and useful. Mach30 is going to participate on this or Schools for Communities.

    • Details for SpaceCamp, and hopes you can make it.

Jerry will be at Faire. Helping to set up on Friday.
Mach30 likely won’t be attending

  • Space Updates : What is going great at your space? What is a challenge at your space?

Dayton Diode is working on HAB. -
Oly has a definite space, variable move-in time. 500sq ft second story in historic building. Right by a theater, so lots of awesome people. Drafting table and work bench. Final tactical meeting tomorrow night. Finally all coming to a head. One thing trying to figure out was trying to nail down a 3DP before move in. Would love to have one in the space early on. Printerbot, Shapeoco. Try a clonedle - pick up at Metrix.
Maui has been the physical space existing for a year now in a 40ft container with ventilation turbines. Don’t have real power, makes it a bit sketchy. Discovered an outlet in the building next to us that was available to us. But then someone ripped that out. Met with department of education, they’re interested in what we’re doing, which means we might get half of the building next to us. Also have kitchen and bathrooms. And electricity! 1k sq ft plus classrooms. Some other buildings in the area we could help renovate and then use.

  • Closing

Autodesk in schools? And for Space Federation spaces? Also Adobe?
    (Mach 30) Wiki catalog of open source engineering tools -
Comcast discounts!
Justin at HOPE, driving back across the country. Hitting spaces on the way back, along with national parks. Maybe hit Dayton?

Nebulizers - aquaponics project. Atomizing liquids

Space Federation
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