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Bucketworks update with Tim 2012.03.23

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Bucketworks update with Tim 2012.03.23

Willow and Tim, March 23rd 2012


Teaming up with Build Health, gov orgs. Hoping to help with some of the issues that DC is having.

Graffiti and b-boys coming through Bucketworks.

Membergrowth has been good, putting in a system.

Trying to get a team to help take out the trash and stuff.

Tim's been with it since November (officially in January)

Sticking points - want an orientation for membership. Need to show principals. Used to be a free-for-all, now need structure. Trying to link to other spaces in Milwaukee. Less hackerspace more incubator, trying to get them to participate in this whole ecosystem.

Occupancy getting sorted out, doing due dillegence about the building. It's up for sale, so going through that process to see if it's a good idea. Either down payment or lease to own. Reaching out to other communities in the area.

Working on UW MIlwaukee for instructional design. Responsive and develop local inquiries.

Expanding membership opportunities. Group membership, student membership.

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