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Revision of Access Control Unconference Agenda from Mon, 2012-03-26 16:21

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Access Control Unconference Agenda

This is the agenda for the Space Federation's Online Unconference for Access Control solutions for our spaces. Feel free to click Edit and add your session to the schedule plan. We will use a combination of Skype and Google+ hangouts to conduct the hackathon remotely. Please keep times in CST and list your name if you plan to lead a session!

TimeHangout 1Hangout 2
10a - 11aIntroductionsIntroductions
11a - 12pDefining Requirements for Access Control 
12p - 1p Bucketworks / Milwaukee Makerspace solution - James Carlson
1p - 2p  
2p - 3p  
3p - 4p  


Space Federation
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