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Spoke with Madstringer: Treasurer

How are you doing? How do you feel about the space?


"We've been doing pretty well. Added a few new members. Setting up new classes: beginning electronics, arduino 101, analog electronics. This and next Saturday, we have an intro to Python class. Work from DenHAC day every Thursday so people who are remote get together. We find out whenever people are done with work they're already at DenHAC, working on each other's projects and helping each other.

New classroom of 500 sq ft - had to build a wall and work together - will be holding classes. 

Thu evenings do geeky movie night."


How do you feel about it?

"I always had the vision that the place would be what members wanted it to be. Conglomerate of different people's ideas and experiences that can offer people a lot. So I am all for this."


How are the members and who are they?

Raised $1800 with six people (x$300)

Started at $100 a person until we got to about 20 members

Then dropped to $50 per person at 27 members, 2.5 years

Donation box is raising $50 a month from all the meetups chipping in stuff


What kind of people are the members?

Mostly men. 25 men, one woman, one transgender. The transgender member is one of the most active members. Also into art and amazing at it. 


We're very computer-based, no laser cutter, more into the programming and comp sci / computer security side. Not like witches-- if people wanted to do something different we'd welcome them.


Had to reject a member because of how they represented us. Member was making promises we couldn't keep. He was saying we could give donation receipts out for a certain piece of equipment at a higher value than the equipment was actually worth through the Space Federation. He was promising a higher value, and we had to catch that and interrupt the process before we overpromised and underdelivered. We had to get the board together to agree to ask this member to live. We added his situation to the minutes. He then shared an email with everyone about the situation, so I shared the evidence with everyone."


Sticking points

  • Task poor
  • Tasks not evenly distributed across members
  • Tasks dont have a central list
  • Only 10 of 27 members are publicly vocal.
  • Wide range of people who arent always social.
  • Many paying members are not active.


  • Able to reach consensus on challenging decisions
  • Setting up permanent workstations based on function


  • Member mailing list
  • Board mailing list
  • Public mailing list 
  • Have been trying to build stronger social networking presence: promote classes through G+, website, etc.
  • Recommended,



Membership count / making rent

Outreach to other orgs / gov / schools / etc

  • Have not been talking to schools
  • Have some colleges within 20 miles of space
  • Need to go out and do this, lots of people could be engaged


Upcoming events - local and meta

What new things are you trying? What outcomes do you hope they will have?

Space Federation
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