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Requirements for the Ultimate Access Control System

Add and edit to this page to accelerate the discussion planned during the Access Control unconference G+ hangout. Spec out the ultimate requirements set for this system so we can build it together in August. When we get on the hangout, we can talk about each of these in turn, and make it a fun discussion.

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Key Requirements:

  1. Entirely open source framework from hardware to software (All OSI layers are open and free.)
  2. Physical construction with commodity components which are findable in any community.
  3. Ideal cost less than $250 per door.
  4. Member access to space is linked to member being current on payments of dues (if member not current, door does not open -- and presents a payment option?)

Configurable, creative requirements:

  1. Door transparently broadcasts users of door in chosen mediums.
  2. Doors can be used as doorbells (see Upgrade the Access Control System (Case in Bucketworks))


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