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Mission and Vision statement


Mission and Vision statement

Freeside is mostly a shared workspace but we are trying to focus our goals. We are lacking a vision and mission statement and I was wondering what other spaces might have.


Here is a sample of what is already on the site:

"’s a place where people passionate about science, technology, and digital projects can meet, collaborate and hang out. It can be an open community lab, a machine shop, a work shop, a studio or a combination of these where people can share resources and knowledge to build neat stuff."



-Sean F. Kennedy

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Here's what we have at Bucketworks -- pretty long, but:


At a regular health club, you become a member to work out--improve your health, your muscle tone, your stamina. You use special equipment, in special environments, and sometimes you work with a coach. You work out regularly, so your body becomes healthy. And you become a member because you want to be amongst a community of other people who are doing the same thing--they reinforce your practice and your discipline.

Bucketworks is just like that. All we've done is swap out the weight machine for the computer, the exercise bike for the table saw, and the mirrored aerobics room for the collaborative meetup room. We've picked coaches who know how to help you build ideas instead of muscles, and we've formed a community of members who all want to work out their ideas, inspirations, and passions--and who will share their experiences with you.

You join because you want to focus on your ideas and your passions so you can make them real. You want to bring a discipline to your creativity so it never stops working, even as you work hard every day to sustain your life, your family, and your community. And you know that in order to do these things, sometimes you need you time, in a specialized environment, with specialized equipment, on a regular basis.

Stop by and take a look - we run many tours each week. We'd be happy to show you around and talk about how you can work out your passions, ideas, and inspirations.

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