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Monthly Call : April!


Monthly Call : April!

Wednesday the 18th at 18:00 PST

Call-in number: Dial-in: (916) 209-4534 PIN: 2935470 


  • Introductions : Your Name, Your Space, City, What do you make? [list] [concise]
  • Space Federation Updates :
    • Details for SpaceCamp, and hopes you can make it
    • Access Unconference
    • Education research
  • Space Updates : What is going great at your space? What is a challenge at your space?
  • Closing

Please include things you'd like to cover in the comments below.


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I plan to call in from road (appt at 1600HST=1900PST). 

Maui Makers started negotiating with Hawaii Dept of Education for use of a building

and with DARPA as front organization for the $500,000 grant for Hackerspace Space Program



Does anyone object to the idea of posting a recording of this call? I did make one but forgot to ask permission. The notes are reasonably complete, but I thought the energy was _awesome_ so I wanted to share it. Just reply here if you don't want me to post it, and I won't!

Meanwhile, Willow will post the full notes in the Notebook and link here after we've given a little time for your edits to cool down! 

Thanks to everyone for participating. That was great!


To make things more explicit, please edit the doc and give me explicit consent to publish a recording of your voice. Once all names in the top of the doc have given consent, I will publish the recording. If that never happens, I won't!

I've given mine in the doc to make clear how I'd like yours to look -- just put "I consent to the published audio" after your name. Thanks!


OK with me. Arclight


Permission to use recording of my voice during this call is hereby given.


Permission granted!


Or rather, "I consent to the published audio"


Notes from the call are now posted in the Notebook! The original Google Doc will remain online as well.

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