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2012 04 18


2012 04 18

April 2012
Call-in number: Dial-in: (916) 209-4534 PIN: 2935470

  1. Introductions : Your Name, Your Space, City, What do you make? [list] [concise] - All
    1. Tim - Bucketworks in Milwaukee. Making a followup sheet from WeBuidHealth - I consent to publishing audio.
    2. Dan - Spring City Launchpad, Waukesha, WI - hydroponic vegetable garden, makerspace
    3. James - I consent to publishing audio - School Factory, Bucketworks founder, Make-A-Space Kit. Doodling a slideshow to help people know how to get their space launched: this is it:
    4. Willow - School Factory, Space Federation, GWOB, Space Apps Challenge I consent to publishing audio
    5. Adric (quelab) - working on buying a house. Arduino projects and classes (open source, by chance?)
    6. Joe - Take.3, Northwest Arkansas - working on a motion control system for timelapse photography I consent to the published audio.
    7. Geoff (Quelab) -- Things which go BOOM :D June event, trying to keep us from being arrested (Fire Marshal, &c.)
    8. Maureen Carruthers - I consent to the published audio Mach 30
    9. John/Arclight - 23b in Fullerton, CA, - arduino access control system for spaces
    10. J. Simmons I consent to the published audio from Mach 30
    11. Keith Youngblood, olyMEGA, olympia WA, access control system, smart door?
    12. Jerry (I consent to publishing audio) of Maui Makers and Hackerspace Space Program. In Maui
    13. Joe at LVL1 in Louisville KY. Extract 3D models from things that don’t want to
    14. Lisha (for Sho Sho) - Mothership Hackermoms in Berkeley. I make: educational software, curricula, children cry.      (sorry I’m late) :’(  I consent to the published audio.
    15. psytek of Alpha One Labs and Hackerspace Space Program in NYC - I’m working on a ground breaking aerospace vehicle, getting ready for HOPE.  Got our Reprap 3D printer working recently - having 3D Thursdays now. I consent to the published audio
  2. Space Federation Updates :
    1. Details for SpaceCamp, and hopes you can make it - Willow
      1. Taking place just prior to MakerFaire San Mateo (San Mateo Fairgrounds)
      2. Starts on Weds with party at Noisebridge, Thu day for discussions
      3. Unconference format
      5. Help plan the agenda here:
    2. Access Unconference - James - April 28th 10a CST to 16:00CST. What exists for access control?
      1. Blog announcement:
      2. System to automate a lot of the business aspects of running a space. Member in good standing? Pay an invoice on the spot
      3. Open Source, Open Hardware
        1. Some material on Open Design Engine about the engineering design process (based on a presentation at the 2011 Open Hardware Summit) and an example
        2. Open Access Control Arduino - search on Google Code
        3. More info on the access control project:
      1. Please add anything to our agenda that you think would help! We’ll do an online law of two feet:
      2. G+ type hangout online all day, James will coordinate logistics

In August, we’ll do a hackathon to build a solution or finish existing solutions.

      1. 4 sessions set so far: please edit agenda!
    1. Education research - Both
      1. Education in spaces - what is everyone up to?
      2. Jerry : I was at the USFabLab Network annual symposium last week. ( Lots of synergy in this area, and connections with other STEM agencies ( I'm working on a blog post.
      3. Our goal is to catalog and learn what you’re doing that could help people learn, so we can build a story, help raise funds, and share ideas
      4. We can collaborate to build curricula and learning models
      5. Open source curriculum sharing unconference - let’s plan for something on the blog and organize sessions!
      6. Build a Khan Academy of Maker/Hacker curricula by partnering with the Khan Academy.
      7. NSF Informal Science Education Grant Program
      8. Quelab has been cranking out a few classes, Photovore robotics , Arduino robot class,  contact microphone classes. we will document more later.
    2. Space
      1. Hackerspace Space Program is supposed to fund education research from Hackerspaces and other various space related projects.
      3. Mach30: Rockets 101 program facilitated by Greg Moran and J Simmons around the National Association of Rocketry NARTREK Program
      4. Mach30 also facilitates open source space exploration (and puts on a good remote party!) (watch the Youtube video)
    3. Makerscouts
      1. Looking to do a ‘public beta’ - get kids involved in spaces through programming. beep beep? - help us design this!
      2. Makerscouts atrium group - please share your ideas!
  1. Space Updates : What is going great at your space? What is a challenge at your space? - All
    1. Dan - have the support of School Factory, Space Federation, Milwaukee Makerspace, local people and spaces, appreciative of support (I’m blushing - Willow). Everything is a challenge currently - local library, getting people to come and take action once they leave
    2. Adric (Quelab)  - Membership levels are increasing (slowly) but great thing has been the hacknight, twice a week, been well attended every time for the last five months. Why does the hacknight work so well? Organic growth. Even on holidays! Wanting to work, socialize, learn. Challenge: Like to grow faster! Money means more tools, but we’re growing at the right rate and doing more with less all the time. (we did also finally get 2 of our members up and running with 3d printers, ), and last months “march of the robots” event was well attended,
    3. Joe (Take3) - Just opened a coworking space in the area, finding overlap with coworking / makerspace, name is take3 because it’s our third attempt in 3 years to get something started. Challenge: finding a group willing to contribute to keep things moving, and not die on the vine.
    4. Joe (LVL1) - Finally after 2 years, launch balloon project! Into the air! Challenge: Other factors Lower attendance in recent months. Weather is changing, seasonal factors, people more outside / with family. Picked up in past week and a half or so
    5. J. (Dayton Diode) - good news is we have new members (lost a few over the last year to transfers etc). Running on fumes but it’s getting back. Challenge is participation. Of 12 or 15 members, only a couple few do projects on their own.
    6. Keith (olyMEGA) - just got a space! Moved in a few weeks ago. Participation factor is a bit low sometimes. Scattered. One member has been carrying ball for too long. Now he’s checked out. One person should never be the go-to guy for everything! 3-4 people who are solid on building.
    7. Geoff (Quelab)  - we have a fantastic and marvelous staple of people that come to events every month but aren’t members yet.
      1. Create a “Friends” program -- we did this at Bucketworks, $20/yr students, $40/yr adult, $60/yr parents/family (aim for 10x more than your membership base)
      2. Friends come to events, classes, public stuff
      3. Friends want to be informed about what happens, and care about community but wont be there every day
      4. They just need a category to be in, and they’ll give you support
    8. Jerry (Maui) - Aloha! Good things: momentum of getting a space, mtg with Dept of Education now we can get legit. Meeting on Friday to see how to move forward. Tricky part is membership. Haven’t pushed people to be members because it was in a shipping container, now that it’ll be a real building.
    10. Lisha (Mothership)
      1. Super exciting time-- just launched space 2wks ago, mostly everything is going great, people attending open house, 13 members, happening place to be on Weds morn / Thu night, moms with small children / integration with childcare. Hackerdad at openhouse. Family values!
      2. Challenges: Being new. Working out details of functioning org. (happy to helpwith this!) How membership works, not just price levels, details - children are there! How do you make it safe there? Rules!
    11. psytek (Alpha One Labs) -
      1. Steadily growing, 3 year anniv, approaching 50 members, successful companies have been incubated - working on kickstarter for Hackertown Codename: Container One - join our google group for more info (20 shipping containers on owned land 1M for the land green sustainable off-grid (also open ownership model)) - launched a new weekly event 3D Thursday - excited about DARPA Hackerspace Space Program
      2. Challenge: Keeping tools, used cameras, stopping things going missing.
    12. James (speaking for Tim on Bucketworks)
      1. 27k sq ft. Lots of events at same time. Bee Pa-Looza. BuildHealth, Milwaukee Theater Unconference.
      2. Trying to buy our building. 700k for it, want to convert to fully green fully sustainable, open ownership model.  
  2. Propose: Attendance and Participation Unconference (or at SpaceCamp)
    1. Joe and Joe, let’s do a three-way call? to pick a time or times,
    2. I’m also at 414-215-0215 and happy to talk about engagement / energizing
    3. I’m interested in doing a talk / panel for unconference on something... space related - psytek
  3. Closing
  4. Additional comments / questions / suggestions:
    1. What about setting up a mumble server or hackerspace chat line where we could call in anytime and talk to other hackers?
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