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Location: Milwaukee, WI

Size: 27k sq ft

65 members

Membership structure: Pro is 75$ 24hr, no storage. Core is 175$ for two people, desk space, etc. Parking garage. Only open to members.

Staff: Director and graphic/promo person on staff.

Notes: Really solid tour, use of space, how to support themselves and each other. Lots of events to pull in new members. Goal is to get members to engage with each other, not to have to take responsibility for the space. Alterations on the structure and environment itself are as a wiki - go for it, unless it takes 4 hours or more to change.

from May 2012



Steven Smethurst's Notes

  • 3rd home, 27k sq feet, 10 years running.
  • Quote: “Gate way drug of thinking”
  • The school factory - Started to help replicate maker spaces (Todo: look into this more)
  • Started the Space federation to help spaces talking to each other. (ToDo: Look into this more)
  • This is his full time job. He starts spaces, and runs spaces.
  • Going to run a space night like this in Aug 4th in Milwaukee
  • “We should all know how many members we have, this should not be a problem”
  • Stats
    • 76 new companies started in the last 10 years. Started directly from Bucket works
  • Pro membership $75, 24/7 access no storage.. Poor, ?????
  • Indoors parking garage, $75 a month, Only open to members
  • Two paid staff
  • Benfilant dictator
  • 2 page Membership agreement
  • 3-4 members joining at the same week, they put them into groups and run them through tours, ect..
  • Members
    • One that makes soup
    • Makes beehives for urban environments
    • High tech start ups
    • Social groups,
    • Theater, Angry young men group.
  • Tools
    • Not too many
    • Decent wood shop.
  • They have a lot of events ~846 events last year.
  • 10$ hr for non profits renting a room. for profit is 3k a day
  • In house software Tools
  • Members can do anything to the space as along as it takes less then 4 hrs to remove or repair
  • Member meetings once a month.
  • They create a micro economy. They uses the resources of the community to bring in things to the space. for example when they need food they used a member who is a food vendor.
  • Most of the events are free. they attract most of the meetups.
  • Rental revenue for using the spaces.
  • ~60 members, goal is 150 members. 40% women 60% men. lots of minorities, LBGT, ect...
  • The tour takes about 20 mins to walk though. this is where they get most of the new members
Space Federation
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