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Vancouver Hack Space (VHS)

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Vancouver Hack Space (VHS)

Friends of Space $10, $25 non key member, $50 full key: 24 hour access to space. Haven't had any theft issues, thinking of a $40 key. 3 month introduction to gain a key, vouching process. Not a lot of space, so too much happening. Can't get insurance because the beer and tools. Have lightning talks. Welcoming committee. 53 members, 3 women. Have an intern who wants to be a member but has no money. Open nights on Tuesdays, got too full now social. Added Thursday, same. Now Saturday. Donated too many things. Community non profit. Charity would be a benefit to donate to. Want to access younger students, access to better tools, etc. See next level.    Do-acracy. No one is responsible for any specific thing, except bill collection. Board has no power - just there to fill out the society docs. Consensus based. Small committees for certain things. Not efficient. Full board turnover every one year. Fully funded by our members. Lots of tools from a school closing down. Crowd source some tools. Mailing list, calendar, blog post keeps good documentation

Problem members: Don't have a way to know who has paid, so couldn't boot

56 members, started in 2008

VHS (Steven Smethurst's notes)

  • 3x tiered, $10 friends of the space, $25 non key, $50 key. We are not open 24/7 to non key members. We have a model for moving to a single tier system.
    • To become a key member they have to be a non key member for the first 3 months then ask to become a key member. We do this to stop bad members from becoming a key members.
    • Difficult members are normally removed by not letting them get Key members, as far as i know we haven't had to do that.
  • Primary fundamental, Do-coracy. “If you see something that needs doing. Why aren't you doing it.”
    • All the members are responsible for everything in the space.
  • We are consensus, with a board that has no powers. only used for getting our society up and running with the government. The board changes every year.
  • We are fully funded by members, We only accept grants for tools, events but not RENT.
  • We crowdsource tools such as the lazor and makerbot,
  • We have a single room, small room ~1000 sq feet
  • We also allow for anonymous membership. People don’t have to use their real names, ect.
  • We have a welcome committee to show new people around. No front desk, we require no training on tools,  
  • Types of members
    • Mostly programmers (web dev), a few crafters and trades, Mostly employed mid 20-30s, MALE!, Awesome bureaucrats, Anarchists,
    • We have Interns that get free membership for cleaning up and keeping the space open.
  • It’s very hard for us to tell if a member has stopped paying,
  • It’s hard for us to remove members from resources after they stopped paying.
    • So far it has not been a problem. Everyone seems honest and we are paying our bills.
  • We have no Insurance, Beer and power tools in the same room make its hard
  • We get lots of donations, some of it we can not use. We reject stuff as it comes in but after it gets there we are stuck with it. regular junk nights.
  • We have a Super Happy Hacker House every 6 weeks, it’s more of a party then an a dev house these days but we are trying to change that.
  • Non profit
  • Beer is in the space most nights.
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