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Corp in VA, ocuppancy of space in November. Had to build out, took a few months. Zoning was a big issue, insurance. Project of SpaceFed, filing for own 501c3 with Farr. Board of founders, 15 members (11 board). Board responsible for cost $150/mo, others at $100/mo. 24/7 access. 3 women of the 12. Open to public on weekday evenings and Saturday day. Safety training. Suggested donation - more invested in people doing work than paying. Lot of rooms, one big classroom. Dirty shop room, clean shop space (lathe, 3DP), craft room. Members storage room. Classes are a big thing we've just started on (sketchup, arduino, eaglecad, brewing, soap making, lock picking). Encourage other groups to use space. Can ask anyone to take back a tool if it's not needed/too big. Lots of committees, creating policies. Fit within plan for space. New members have to show committment. Open hours, members sign up to staff the front desk.    Guests are sponsored - "who are you here with?", RFID for equipment; route for teachers to go through

1600 sq ft

Space Federation
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