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Final round of 501c3. Currently in a house. Have a board, dealing with insurance right now. Insuring board is expensive. Monthly events cover a lot of cost. Two nights a week $5 to come work. Have lockers for things. 2600 meets in space, have a board game night, etc. We have a few women in the group. Software, hardware, airforce, los alamos. Membership around $35 a month. Need 40 to be comfortable. Vending machine for useful units

Space Federation
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The notebook section provides a way for you to store and share information with your group members. With the book feature you can:

  • Add book pages and organize them hierarchically into different books.
  • Attach files to pages to share them with others.
  • Track changes that others have made and revert changes as necessary.
  • Archive books that are no longer of interest to the group. Archived books can be reactivated later if needed.