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Review Meghan's announcement, including summary of recent donations

Task: Review Meghan's announcement, including summary of recent donations

Assigned To: 
Meghan Koven
Due Date: 
Friday, May 25

Create a short summary of recent donations to Space Federation spaces and publish a blog post about it here in the Space Federation group.

# of spaces, total $ value, total in-kind or thing value, time period, number of donors, organizations / individual


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Status: Open»Resolved

Posted as blog entry in Space Federation


Status: Resolved»Open

Meghan, I archived this post for the time being:

There are a couple of donations missing from the report (which were not filed in the Donate to Space form, so it's understandable that they aren't on the report.)

I set up another tab on the Donate to Space spreadsheet where we can organize the donation list by space, category, and value. (It's called Summary, look on the bottom to switch to it.)

Fill in this report, and ping me when we talk Monday about the other donations so I can add them to the report.

Then you can edit the blog post and republish it.



Assigned To: Meghan Koven»James Carlson

Please review Draft of:

  • My announcement with links
  • Space Information questionnaire
  • Summary of donations

Let me know when we can post to Space Federation


FYI I was also thinking that the questionnaire will assist me in gathering needed info for the Annual Report.


Assigned To: James Carlson»Meghan Koven
Status: Open»Resolved

Meghan, message looks great. Push it! I made a little change at the top.

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