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Proof of Fiscal Sponsorship?

Task: Proof of Fiscal Sponsorship?

Assigned To: 
Meghan Koven
Due Date: 
Friday, Sep 21

There is a local Symantec presence in our town and they are willing to donate a bunch of old gear to our space.  They want some kind of proof up front that we actually have 501c3 sponsorship so they will be able to receive their tax deduction.  Do you have some kind of letter or something we can provide to them?



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Assigned To: Willow Brugh»James Carlson

Rick, give us a contact at Symantec and we can follow up with them, just to make sure we're giving them the right paperwork.


Sorry for the delay on this James.  The contact at Symantec is:

Jaime Barclay
Office #: 650-527-5092


Let me know if you need more information to keep things moving.



Assigned To: James Carlson»Meghan Koven

I will contact Symantec and see what they need (and hopefully take care of it.)


Hey guys -- Excuse my dumb question:

Is Eugene Maker Space fiscally sponsored by the School Factory? If so, I need access to the signed Fiscal Sponsorship Agreement and signed Fiscal Sponsorship Policies in order to get this resolved.


Meghan, I've put the countersigned copies of the Eugene sponsorship docs in the Google Drive folder for Space Fed. They are all set since February 2012.


Ok, I now have all of the documentation I need, and I sent an email to Symantec and got their response (which confuses me).

Does Eugene Maker Space have an agreement about this donation that Ashley at Symantec is unaware of?

Ashley Savageau
2:39 PM (34 minutes ago)
to me

Hi Meghan,

I’ve taken over for Jaime. Unfortunately we don’t accept unsolicited grant requests. Best of luck with the Maker Space, it seems very cool!




From: Jaime Barclay
Sent: Monday, August 20, 2012 12:52 PM
To: Ashley Savageau
Subject: FW: Donation to Eugene Maker space

This ones for you J

Jaime Barclay

Manager, Corporate Communications

Symantec Corporation

Office: 650-527-5092



From: [] On Behalf Of Meghan Koven
Sent: Monday, August 20, 2012 12:05 PM
To: Jaime Barclay
Subject: Donation to Eugene Makerspace


Dear Ms. Barclay,

Per my voice mail message today, I am writing to see what information/documentation you may need to enable a donation to the Eugene Makerspace. Attached is the School Factory's 501(c)3 Determination Letter -- we fiscally sponsor Eugene Makerspace.

Meghan Koven
Operations Director
School Factory, Inc.


Due Date: Sunday, Jul 15»Friday, Sep 14


Rick, can you please respond to Comment #6?


Also updating due date


Due Date: Friday, Sep 14»Friday, Sep 21

BUMPing to Eugene Makers one more time and moving due back 1 week.

If I don't hear back from Rick I'm going to resolve this task and assume nothing is needed from the School Factory.


Status: Open»Resolved

Resolving per Comment #8

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