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Coworking Database


Coworking Database


It does look like they're using Semantic Mediawiki.  

I also think that their site doesnt do a good enough job providing structured data.

This leads me to believe that Semantic Mediawiki is not a good solution for the registry.

I didn't look into Semantic Mediawiki Templates, which might do the trick as far as providing standardization, but a basic Mediawiki w/ Semantic extensions won't cut it IMHO.

Mediawiki (semantic or not) may be a good solution to replace PBWiki, however.



I take it back - I just did some reading on Semantic Forms and it looks like

    Semantic Forms + Semantic Templates + Semantic Maps + Mediawiki

will give us both structure and editing abilities.  It /looks/ like the templates themselves can be edited through a web page using the instructions at:

This could be a good opportunity to provide a structured format for Coworking data and still allow users to edit in a comfortable wiki environment.  The existing wiki could be copied/migrated to a Mediawiki install, and once templates are created, users would then be presented with an "Edit with form" tab that would provide a structured view of their data.  Pages (articles) can be defined as different types (Space, Project, Person) and different properties associated with them.  Field types support autocomplete and linking, so associations between spaces could be made.  Fields also support single-value or multiple value.  It looks pretty robust.

I'm not sure about how Semantic Maps plays into Semantic Mediawiki.

I'm also not sure how to query and transform this data into things like Maps, JSON feeds, etc for inclusion into other applications and contexts... but it looks like a lot of work has been done in this area.  The semnatic support for mediawiki looks pretty robust.  (This was a Google Summer Of Code project.)

Willow, should we take this conversation to a School Factory Atrium Group?


I'll preface my next statement by stressing that I do not know the right answer nor do I know the capabilities, strengths, and weaknesses of SemanticMediaWiki.  That said...

I could paraphrase your logic as "The tool is in use by another group and it does not appear to be working for them so the tool is probably not the right tool for us".  I've seen this logic used many times over and it usually bypasses a true evaluation of the tool.  I also highly stress that a tool only gets us so far.  I don't see any tool getting around the fact that we will need better management.  If we were cultivating, curating, cleaning the data we have now on PBWiki it would work for us.  It's more work of course then if we had a tool that was better suited for the job but it illustrates my point that the tool is not the key factor here.  

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Yeah, I've created us a blog post in SpaceFed. 

I vote for Drupal or the dataset I've started in Socrata. But I don't like to get involved in religious arguments, and I would be pulling from whatever API exists, not putting the vast amount of effort into it. I do know the kids from and can probably pull from their dataset if it exists.

I'll toss up a blog post about the goal of this (for me) on the Atrium as well.


Hi.  Quick update on the coworking/registry project. 

Right now the Drupal 7 prototype is up at with some language about the project.

Jonathan - the lead developer - is in China for the next week.  When he gets back we're going to reformat the location data for the drupal locations module, put together a map, incorporate spaces from the emergent research dataset and then look to adding space info from  We're also going to go to town with the word smithing and take the outreach to the next level.

I'd like to get a better handle of what you would like to see happen with the registry, what broader goals are, etc.  I'm skypable at devinbalkind so we can conduct the coversation here. 

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