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CTHS (CT Hackerspace) is planning a Grand Opening/Open House - Call for any input/suggestions


CTHS (CT Hackerspace) is planning a Grand Opening/Open House - Call for any input/suggestions

We at CT Hackerspace are in the process of putting together a grand opening/open house event in August and I thought I would defer to the collective wisdom here for any suggestions, input, warning etc. We are still brainstorming the goals of the event but it is safe to say that one of the goals is to raise awareness of our space to the local community and increase our membership/participation levels.

For some additional information on our space, you can see our project page here in the atrium:

If anyone has any thoughts on making an event like this a success or things to watch out for that can sink the ship, please comment.  I will continue to blog on our progress for this event. I will also throw out the tentative date (August 13th) for any of you that might be on the East Coast and would be interested in attending.

If anyone is interested in attending that will be travelling, please let me know and I will be sure to help out with accomodations, area attractions etc.

Jeff Myer

CT Hackerspace.



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1) Advertise via Email, Twitter, Blog posts, and especially make about 2,500 4x4 cards and put them in artist collectives, coffee shops, science museums, etc..

2) Get others in the community to exhibit, from textiles, to hardware hacking, to cool and geeky things.  I don't know how big your space is, but plan on giving people at least a 6ft table.  Or see if they can split a 6ft table.  Leverage these people to advertise for you.

3) Sell stuff- Pop, easy food (suggested donation of X), find a geek band or some circuit benders to play after hours- Get a keg and ask for donations on the keg (we actually contacted a local engineering shop and got the keg covered).

4) Membership- push this, hard.

5) Clean the space up.

6) Get and coordinate volunteers.

7) Unless you need members soon, August might be hard- We had one in February of 2010, and then another in April of this year.  The April show was down in attendance.  This could have been due to the lack of publication, but nicer weather means people go do other things.

Also make sure the person who is coordinating is a logistic type person, and communicates well.  Otherwise shit blows up.

And a final note: If you make it, they will come.

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