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How To Receive Donations

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How To Receive Donations

Tax Deductible Donation? Receipt needed for an In-Kind Donation?

I thought it would be helpful to add more detail about our process:

Note: Only for spaces and projects fiscally sponsored by School Factory.

Donations by check:

  • Checks must be made out to "School Factory, Inc."
  • Donors (or you) should add your space's name to the memo line, so I know who the donation is for.
  • Get these checks to Jenn Turner, Operations Director for processing:
    • Mail to: School Factory, Inc.
      • 161 W Wisconsin Ave #2
      • Milwaukee, WI 53203
  • All donations are subject to a 10% School Factory administration fee
    • I will deposit your donation checks into the School Factory's bank account
    • I will then cut a check to your space for the total donation amount minus the 10% fee.
  • Fill out the Space Federation Donation Form for all cash/check donations
    • This will assist me in keeping my eyes peeled for donations that you know are coming
    • This will also provide me with the information I need to issue the donor a receipt for their taxes

Donations by PayPal (or any other online method): 

  • The School Factory can create a customized PayPal button for your space, if desired.
    • We will email you the code for this button for you to add to your website.
    • You will need to create a donation thank you page on your website at a specific url address that we will provide you
    • Somewhere near your PayPal button, you will need to add the following language:
      • "(Space Name) is fiscally sponsored by School Factory, Inc., a 501(c)3 charitable organization.
  • Your PayPal button code identifies the funding as being for your space within the system
    • You may additionally encourage your donors to identify the purpose of the donation somewhere in the system
      • Ex: Does the donor expect their donation to be used for a specific event or purpose? If so, they need to note that somewhere in the system.
  • PayPal takes 2-3% off the top of all donations it processes online
  • The School Factory takes its 10% fee after that
  • On a monthly basis, I process all PayPal donations:
    • Funds are transferred from PayPal to the School Factory bank account (takes 3-5 business days.)
    • Once the funds have hit the bank account, I will then cut a check to your space for the NET donation amount minus the 10% fee.
  • If any of your donors would like to receive a formal receipt (beyond the verbiage that PayPal provides), fill out the Space Federation Donation Form

In-Kind Donations (gifts of "stuff") -- If you receive an in-kind donation and the donor wants a receipt to use for his/her taxes:

  • Determine a reasonable and appropriate value for the item
    • Suggestions: Check Amazon.comor for similar items
    • Account for the age of the item when determining its value
  • Complete the Space Federation Donation Form
    • You will need to describe the donated item(s) as well as their appropriate value
  • I will issue a formal receipt to the donor
Space Federation
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