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Fiscal Sponsorship

Learn about how to get your space non-profit status on day one, so you can take grants and donations.

1Review the [nodepicker==node/29091==Understanding%20the%20Fiscal%20Sponsorship%20Agreement==Understanding%20Fiscal%20Sponsorship] document so your board understands the implications and limitations of Fiscal Sponsorship.
2Download, fill out, and have your Board President sign the [nodepicker==node/7133==Fiscal%20Sponsorship%20Agreement==Fiscal%20Sponsorship%20Agreement] and [nodepicker==node/7132==Fiscal%20Sponsorship%20Policies==Fiscal%20Sponsorship%20Policies] PDFs. Email them to We will sign the documents and email you a copy.
3Complete the steps to [nodepicker==node/28985==Getting%20involved%20with%20Space%20Federation%20/%20Using%20this%20OpenAtrium==sign%20up%20on%20this%20OpenAtrium%20site] so we can communicate with your space.
4Schedule an introductory conference call with your board and School Factory management to learn more about how to use your Fiscal Sponsorship.
5Use the Donation Form to log any cash or item donations you receive. We will take care of receipts!

If you have any questions or need help, please Create a Case in the [nodepicker==node/28985==Getting%20involved%20with%20Space%20Federation%20/%20Using%20this%20OpenAtrium==project%20you%20created%20for%20your%20space] and assign to James, or feel free to call our main number at any time with your questions.

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