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Hackerspace Passport Stamp (MFNYC)

Task: Hackerspace Passport Stamp (MFNYC)


Sasha, please make a stamp for the passports specific to SpaceCamp at MakerFaire NYC.

Robot logo for MF can be found at  or and also attached

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Hey Willow,

Here are some drafts I've drawn up. Let me know if these look anything like what you had in mind. I was a little uncertain about what information was neccesary so there's a range of options on that front. If you like any of these just say so and I'll contact a manufacturer.



Sasha, just a note... I got my stamp from


thanks pete, I'll keep that in mind. 


inverted color version of 5


I like 5 and 6 best if we could do a modular specification of year/location.



I'm not sure what you mean by modular in this context. Do you just want the info to wrap around? Could you elaborate for me?

On the off chance I actually know what you mean, here is one with an added location and date and two with rounded locations and dates. Let me know if I'm warm or not. 

Thank you!


I mean two seperate stamps - one we use each time for SpaceCamps in general, and a second one specific to the year and place. Although that might not actually save any money - might be worth it to just get one stamp for each event. That said, 06-2 would be my pick.


Think this'll be done in time for Faire?


We can send these to the manufacturer whenever. I just need confirmation from James. I suppose he can always reimburse me if you wanted to go ahead.

The website Pete listed makes and ships in two days. so if we get it out today it should be fine.

are you happy with 6-2? 


Assigned: Sasha Hay » James Carlson

Ordering stamp.

2" x 2" with red ink pad

Delivery address set as Willow specified to Long Island City NY. 

Space Federation