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Sign up for table shifts at MFNYC

Task: Sign up for table shifts at MFNYC

Assigned To: 
Jeff Myer

If you'd like a free pass into Maker Faire NYC, please sign up for at least two table shifts for Space Federation. We'll walk you through the talk at the beginning of your first shift!

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need help setting up on friday?  also how hard would it be to sneak into the after setup meet and great without a badge? 


Joe - we might just. I'll be getting there around 16:00 to do minimal set up and then hang out. We'll get you a badge.

I'm at 812.219.4056 if you are wondering my ETA, and I'll likely post a tracker link to Twitter.

Many thanks fo rthe assistance!


Signed up for 2 shifts Saturday Morning. Will assume their will be a will call system for tickets.


Yes. Pick up at Maker Check-In, number 7097.


Had a Great Time helping out at Maker Faire today! Thanks for the opportunity to help spread the word about the space federation. It was so great to meet you all in person! WIl be in touch soon to start working on Fiscal sponsorship!




Status: Open»Resolved
Due Date: »Thursday, May 10

Long past. Thanks for all the help!

Space Federation