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Joining the Space Federation / Using This Open Atrium

Our mission is to provide connective and organizational support to open communities in shared physical spaces who use innovative methods and technology in hands-on education.

The Space Federation program helps connect people who make hackerspaces, makerspaces, co-working spaces and other creative/community environments. 

We also provide hackerspaces and makerspaces with Fiscal Sponsorship, so they can act as a 501(c)3 without having to deal with the associated cost -- while remaining an independent community. School Factory takes 10% to cover administrative costs that you don’t have to deal with. Group exemption is in the works, with board insurance, independent grants, and more accounting support available - we’re working out the monthly dues for this tier.

While nonprofit status is close to what we would designate ourselves to be in the current legal system, it is still not quite right. By combining forces, we will be able to lobby for our own zoning, insurance, large grants, and the like. We will become the schools of the future, but that means we have a lot of cultural changes to create. 

You and your space can get involved in a couple different ways. Just want to join the discussion, participate in multi-space projects, or ask questions of your peers? Hop on HipChat for asynchonus, cross platform conversation that is reference-able.

With our powers combined, we can make a real impact on society, while providing safe space for those who just want to Make Cool Shit. We can handle the responsibility that goes with such ability. 

So let’s make something awesome. Jump in, ask questions. Answer questions, respond to ideas, but always be kind and truthful. CAREBEARSTARE.


To use this Atrium:

  1. Join this website and create a user account
  2. Join the Space Federation group when you sign up, or go to the group and click Membership and Join this Group
  3. Make a profile on this website with your pic and details (click your name and then Profile)
  4. Create a Project for your space (like the others did)
  5. Create a case about your space's needs from Space Federation and assign it to James or Willow, whoever looks less busy (click on the names for task lists)
  6. Make blog entries about things you’d like to discuss, topics you would like to share with other space facilitators like you
  7. Make notebook pages with documentations of things that have been figured out about how to make your space work, or add to the documentation that’s there
  8. Contact with questions on using Atrium (after you've checked out the OpenAtrium Primer)
  9. If you get stuck and can’t get an answer in Atrium, you can:
    1. Escalate to Hipchat for real time chat. Use @willow or @james to get our attention
    2. If that doesn’t work, call 414-215-0215 to reach James directly, 24/7.
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