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Hackerspaces and Maker Faire - PUT US TO WORK!


Hackerspaces and Maker Faire - PUT US TO WORK!

The past 2 years we've caravaned as many of our community out to Bay Area Maker Faire as we could so they could experience the excellence of it all and join the national conversation that we're starting to have.

Because of this we've met Willow and have ties to ~10 other spaces.  Heatsync Labs is up and running and we have some breathing room now, and it appears Space Camp is in somewhat the same position.

That being the case can I think we are in a position to do big things at Bay Area Maker Faire this year.  

If you haven't been, 2 years ago we had a hackerspace panel and ~3 spaces with tables.  Last year was a whole room and near ~10 spaces with tables with soldering, knitting, 3d printing and more!  

What does a REAL hackerspace village look like though? Is it just us all seperately having tables trying to announce our presence to the world?  It doesnt seem like it would be tools, in light of the many other soldering locations and especially in light of the fact that Techshop is bringing all their stuff down every year.  Sparkfun, Mitch,  Make and others have soldering fairly well covered.

Can we work together on something larger than ourselves this year? Hardware and or software hackathons like GameSave?  

What services can we provide other hackerspaces and hackerspace hopefulls?  

Hey Space Camp!  Put us to work :) 

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yes! James, Karin, and I drew out a new flow for SpaceCamp at Maker Faires next year - I'm excited to get it out. Give us a couple days (ok, maybe a week) to make it pretty and legible.

Such a pleasure to see you all, and thank you for your enthusiasm and competence!


Ping Ping Ping! :)


Eek! Let's try this as a first pass.

We think this would help people self-sort into places where they are getting the most value, and the people speaking to them are at an expected level.

What we would want at the Discussion table would be floor plans, potential group projects/contributions, and the like. What ideas do others have for making things even awesomer? I usually just get a good flow of people and provide project space for people who have ideas.

Would we want to combine the Learn To Solder Area? Have a robot contest? Interpretive dance?

You also know about Global SpaceCamp, yes?

idea_6.pdf56.81 KB


How about we do a hardware hack villiage and actually ask people to hack? Maybe we buy 2 palletes of some discontinued toy and ask people to hack them into something else. We get sponsorship prizes for cool hacks througout the weekend and show them off on sunday?  How many different things can 1000 people do with the same exact toy?

Maybe we get 2 more pallets of 'tear apart' junk where we invite people to come in and tear things apart, hook power up to them, make them move, and understand them. We utilize all the hackerspace peole as volunteers, walking around between the tables helping them learn how to desolder, attach dc power supplies, scavenge lasers and other toys, attach them to arduinos, and build new things with them.




Hallo hallo,

I am in the process of setting up an OpenAI initiative between All Hands Active and the University of MIchigan Dept. Computer Science to build an open-source platform to distribute cognitive processing tasks and try to build a sentient AI on top of the Internet. I have no idea what I'm doing, and my connection to UofM is currently tenuous.

Who wants in?

-Xander of All Hands Active (Ann Arbor, MI)

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