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Space Federation monthly call-in


Space Federation monthly call-in


Whew, what a couple months! We've been to Chaos Communications Camp, Maker Faire Detroit AND New York, we've done SpaceCamps and met all sorts of amazing people. Let's get to know each other a bit more and decide on what steps are next for Space Federation assisting your space.

Our monthly calls take place the Third Wednesday of each month at 21:00 EST (18:00 PST).

We'll be on Skype @bucketworks and @willowbl00, or you can dial in to our conference bridge line at 


+1 559 546 1700 and access code 535692#


Please comment with topics you'd like to cover and if you'll be able to make the call. We like to keep these calls managable, so we'll do overflow onto October 5th at the same time.

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I have this on my calendar and will try to call or skype in from our space. My hope will be to have some of our other members sit in on the call so they can learn more about the next actions for CTHS to move forward with Space Federation Assistance.





Now that our board meetings have moved to Tuesdays, I'd love to do this. Talk to you then!


Hi and Thanks!

My agenda add is to understand the process of obtaining 501c3 status, Tax ID and other possible unknown issues so that we can start to accept donations for the Makerspace in Pensacola.


i plan on joining the call.  will be lurking only.


I will be at our space's weekly open house and will try to find a quite spot to be able to participate.  Should I invite others from TCMaker to listen in?


Karin, please do invite anyone to join in that you think would benefit.


Carl, can we set up a separate call for your Pensacola space, even right after the space fed call? I can walk you through the documents here on the SpaceFed site which explain the process for 501c3 decently.

FlexAgenda for tonight's call:

7:00 - Introductions: Your Name, Your Space, City, What do you make? [list] [concise]

7:10 - Space Federation Progress Reports: - Chaos Camp - talk - video in Dropbox, where to publish? - MakerFaires - progress - booth - sponsors - panels - better space camps? - Global SpaceCamp - venue election - invitation

7:30 - Space Updates - What is going great at your space? What is a challenge at your space?

7:45 - Next Directions - What could the Federation do for you? How can you help the Federation? - sponsorship - free hosting - space kit - group exemption - sharing updates - communications -

7:55 - Summary, close, share links, attendees, post update

8:00 - FIN


Separate call no problem thanks James


Carl keep me posted when you get to the next steps! Good to talk-- here is just the form you need to form a non-stock non profit corp in Florida:


Thank you all, It was good as always to hear from and about all the developments and other spaces.


I've posted a book page with the edited notes from Willow's transcription.


PLEASE correct all the errors and omissions you find--it's a wiki! Especially your space updates and introductions. This will help us connect with you and support you.

Thank you for participating--it was great to hear from all of you!

What did you think of the format of the call? Any suggestions? What was good, what could be better? Keep the feedback coming!


During the call in when discussing the Atrium I had asked if a CT Hackerspace group could be created. I will be glad to create the group but I don't think that I have the needed privileges. 

@Willow -  Can you create a CT Hackerspace group or point me to where I can go to do this myself?




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