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2011 09 21 Space Federation Call


  1. Carl F - Makerspace Pensacola - starting

  2. James Bucketworks - Milwaukee- 42 members - photography, space fed

  3. Dan - Reno Bridgewire - makes burning man

  4. davin jones - area 515 - demoine IA, new board, getting space

  5. don abrams - barrel of makers, newark DE - makes robots, software

  6. Karin Fitchett - TC Makers - 2 years - metal arts, mixed media, robots

  7. Nathan - Pumping Station One, Chicago - websites, Ps1 = electronics, arts, great stuff

  8. Edgert from Quelab in albequrque NM, 1yr 2mos- geek fo all trades

  9. Willow - jigsaw renaissance seattle - educational programs -

  10. Jeff at CT Hackerspace, watertown CT - 1 year - making space great!

Space Federation Progress ReportsChaos CampChaos Camp was amazing to go to and share to the community. We have this video but don’t know where we’re sharing it to. Talked to people from around Europe. We were talking about how to get people to even just clean up. First and Second waves. People starting first space in Poland, creating based off of just the most basic. Most extroverted leaders.
Had a great time.
We will post the talk to so you can see how to represent us (thanks to zname for suggestion)

The Space Federation set up SpaceCamp, gathering maker and hackerspaces from around the USA, at each of the MakerFaire events this year, and also facilitated panel discussions on education in hacker and makerspaces. At MakerFaire NYC, we had the help of volunteers from the hackerspace community--Jeff from CTHS, Karin from TC Makers, and others volunteered to help explain to the many thousands of visitors just what a hackerspace or makerspace is all about. We are so grateful to all those who helped, and the help enabled us to explore MakerFaire and meet with sponsors and others who can help us.

  • Jeff from CT Makers: Between volunteering at SpaceCamp and doing the display for our space, I enjoyed my day there! Got to talk to people from all different levels trying to do different things. The people who were not aware of what a hackerspace was.. great to hear. People who were in the know but didn’t know about Space Federation it was good to help them. It was also great to share what CTHS is trying to do, absolutely my pleasure to participate.
  • Karin from TC Makers: Agrees! Enjoyed engaging with so many people. Thinking about why it was important. Definitely has a need to be so much more, have so many other hackerspaces in more cities. I really enjoy going there and participating.
Space Updates What is going great at your space? What is a challenge at your space?
  1. Carl, Pensacola FL: Was encouraged to hear Space Federation on Ira Flatow’s Science Friday right before MakerFaire. Saw TED about the long tail. Is excited about the whole movement. We have access now to bigger and better tools. The corps are good at specializing labor. We can get a hold of that, gain access to that value. Was so encouraged to start a space--has only been trying for 4 days, doesn’t even have a name for space yet, barely has 4 members yet, but excited about the vision.
  2. James: Bucketworks, Milwaukee WI. Hosting a startup called H2OScore which is engaging students to create a website that collects water data and aggregates it for use by people who are trying to make their water use more sustainable. You punch in your address, and it tells you how much water you use. Major challenge: We have 27k sq ft, we’re just trying to figure out how to fill it. It’s not being used enough. Part of that is because we were completely destroyed twice in a row a couple years ago, and moved to a new home.
  3. Dan from Bridgewire in Reno NV: Having grand opening soon. Working through the administrative tasks of creating the membership application, insurance, fire inspection, what donations will we take, refuse and policies around the same. Growing pains but going fairly smoothly. People are building a lot.
  4. Davin from 515: just getting started. Formed for 2 months, been involved for 1 month. Incorporated last month, put in our board a week ago. Starting to find a space, about a week out then moving in getting things rolling. We’re up to about 42 or 44 members who are interested.
  5. Don: Barrel of Makers, Newark NH - incorporated, have board. Stalled out getting 501c3, might just nix that. Get a weekly make night, see how that works out. Without 20 others actively involved we’ll just wait for a space.
  6. Karin - TCMakers in Minneapolis - Top of next phase of development. Got new docs, waivers, got bylaws redone. Got stuff redone. Getting our documents up to current is the new thing we’re working on, for example getting all new members to sign new waiver form. Still pushing around the 501c3 issue. Lots of events, open house on Wednesday nights.
  7. Nathan - Pumping Station One in Chicago - we decided it would be good to go forward with hiring a contract employee, allocated funds for that, looking to Space Federation for getting paperwork involved with that. This person would answer emails that come in, update the FAQ, and help maintain the infrastructure of the culture, etc so directors can focus on continually evolving things. Mini Maker Faire in Chicago in the pipelines for 2012. Power Racing Series just launched a kickstarter so they can get to the next level of the races.
  8. Edgert - Quelab Albequerque NM - LLC to NPO. Working on two month project of doing a haunted lab for halloween as a fundraiser. Outreach, hack nights on Sundays. Don’t have enough members, who will clean up the mess?
  9. Jeff - CT Hackerspace - 1 year old, getting ready to do our open house. Had an event this past Monday. Getting NPO, enough membership, growth.
  10. Willow - Jigsaw Seattle - doesn’t know how things are going, and it’s awesome! Recently worked through succession planning as the founder of the organization, handing over to the board. Good topic for the rest of the people who are starting spaces--when do we get a break after all the hard work?
Next DirectionsWhat could the Federation do for you? How can you help the Federation?
- sponsorship - free hosting - space kit - group exemption - sharing updates - communications -
SponsorshipThe School Factory has been receiving a lot of interest from companies in sponsorship opportunities. We are interested in learning more from you about what kinds of sponsorship would be most useful. What could companies like Dell, Microsoft, Autodesk, Radio Shack, TechShop, SparkFun, and more offer to your spaces and your members? Let us know!

Rackspace Hosting: The School Factory and Space Federation are helping Rackspace help San Antonio create a new collaborative workshop called Geekdom. In return, Rackspace have been amazing sponsors so far, and have extended an opportunity to Space Federation members to get hosting credits for Rackspace Cloud. They believe in what we’re doing and have been generous enough to offer Space Federation members access to their Startup program. Your members can use this to kick off projects, launch prototypes, whatever you can imagine. Go here to sign up:
When you sign up, in the Description field, include this text:
“Our space is a member of the School Factory’s Space Federation program and are entitled to participate in the Rackspace Startup program for hosting.”

Help with the Space Kit!We’re inviting the people from the more established spaces to help us complete the plans and documents for those who are just starting their spaces. Contribute your experiences to the pages under the Space Kit Notebook pages, which are wiki pages.
For example we heard from DenHac that mentioning hackerspace in your 501c3 application can get you denied. Sharing what you experience can be a make or break issue for those getting started!
To participate, create an account and contribute to
Also, if you’re willing, adopt a space! Help those who are just starting--be a resource. If you’re willing to help out, make a comment on this post and we’ll ping you back.
Status Updates and Atrium TrainingWant to get your own group in Atrium like All Hands Active, Pumping Station One, and Bucketworks have? Need help making Atrium work and navigating and finding things? Join James for Atrium training on Sep 28 at 6pm CST. Details will be posted here on how to connect.
Global SpaceCampWe are hosting a weekend-long unconference for the leaders of spaces. Our goal is to attract 2 people from each of the 200 or so spaces in the USA. We’re inviting each space to nominate its city as the host site for the event. We’ll provide support and planning, you provide people and space. More details at
Floor Plan Map BookWe are creating a huge atlas of hacker and makerspaces floor plans. Contribute your ideally hand-drawn plan to the book project here:
Thank you! Please feel free to edit this post and clean up mistaken typing, names, or incomplete entries if you were on the call!
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