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Fiscal Sponsorship

Task: Fiscal Sponsorship

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Friday, May 11
Makelab Charleston has already prepared itself to file for 501(c)3 and accomplished most of the legal requirements short of sending in the application to the IRS. School factory looks like a promising alternative that the organization is very interested in.
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Welcome! We look forward to talking with you.


Have you had a chance to look over the set up for [nodepicker==node/28987==Fiscal%20Sponsorship==Fiscal%20Sponsorship]? Will you be joining us for our call on the Third Wednesday of the month, or would you prefer something sooner?


Yes we looked over it. We already had a conversation with James to answer a lot of questions.


We voted on and approved fiscal sponsorship so we will be working with you over the next week to get this all sorted out.


I sent the documents to James on Thursday Oct 13th. 


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Awesome! Hopefully we'll hear from you on our next call (blog post coming in a couple minutes..)


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Hey I still have not heard anything since I sent in the paperwork. We are looking to make some purchases and it would be great if we could get the documentation so we can start using the tax free benefits.


So you have the benefit now, all you need to do is let us know what you want to get or have donated to you. If anyone has a question or a challenge, let us know and we will send them a letter indicating that you're a sponsored organization. There's a form at where you can fill in the details of the donation for receipts and contributions.


Due Date: »Friday, May 11

Jarick, I am updating the due date on this task. Update it if you have specific needs for us to send documents or connect with people to facilitate your donations beyond what is listed above. On the due date I will resolve the task or take further action.


On thing we need is a paypal donate button that routes to School Factory. Do you need anything from us?


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Assigned To: James Carlson»jarickc

Your button is attached in HTML. Create a page at that thanks your donors.

Anything else?


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This was resolved a while ago.

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