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2011 10 19 Space Federation Call


2011 10 19 Space Federation Call



7:00 - Introductions: Your Name, Your Space, City, What do you make? [list] [concise]
  • James Carlson, Bucketworks in Milwaukee, I make School Factory, Space Federation, photography, software, communities that learn.
  • Donald Abrams, Barrel of Makers. Software and robotics
  • Kathleen, also Barrel, learning to knit.
  • Dan from Boulder Colorado, Solid State
  • Jacob HeatSync Pheonix. Electronics, body computing, 3D printing
  • Josh All Hands Active, make kids learn stuff
  • Dan in Boulder. They're making robots!
  • Jay from Mach30, 501c3 public charity, making space software. HackDIO, ODE
  • Willow with Jigsaw Renaissance
  • Joe with MakeIt, robots

7:10 - Space Federation Progress Reports:Better Space Camps? - Global SpaceCamp - venue election - invitation
  • Battening down the hatches, getting things organized as far as what we’re doing. Have some new spaces signed on. Charleston, Area515, Denhac. Group is getting larger and it’s very exciting.
  • Another thing that’s new is we’re getting some sponsorship from Rackspace, members of space fed get same credit that new startups get. There are instructions on Atrium of how to take advantage of that.
  • SpaceCamp call for venue is still out. We’re asking the spaces in America to send representatives so we can share best practices, build community, and teach each other. Fill out a form to nominate your location, call extended to November 15th. Look at 200-400 people. Have a bunch of people together in one place.
  • ODE - Open Design Engine. Sourceforge for hardware projects. At Mach30, our mission is to biuld open-source space tech. Been to OSH summit, demo’d a bunch of stuff there. The site is currently in private alpha, building on Red Mine. It’s a pretty standard set of project management tools with some extras. We’re going towards heavy hardware design. Has two different systems, software control. And desktop way of storing mechanical, big file systems. THings that don’t fit in version control systems. It also does fully featured sub projects. As you grow scale, most break down along function boundaries (thermal, mechanical, etc). Here you can save different pieces as one big project. Running a kickstarter, want to get the money to develop it further to open it up. Raising this money because we’re rocket scientists and not project funders. Just need project expertise.

7:30 - Space UpdatesWhat is going great at your space? What is a challenge at your space?
  • Willow - happy to not know everything that is going on. Board is fantastic, moved into a new space about 3 months ago, it’s temporary space in a new building filled artists and engineers, loft space and concrete floors.
  • Don and Katheeen - starting fiscal sponsorship with School Factory. 3 members of our board have an artist’s space that they’re outgrowing, so we’re looking for a somewhat bigger space. We’ve found a couple but it takes a bit longer than we thought. We’re just figuring out how to raise the initial money for the space. The board narrowed down what our mission and goal are, what vibe we want to give to people when they come into the space. Classes and mini events - working with scounting troups or teaching knitting. Have people come out with their broken furniture and teach them how to fix it. Have them make something, not just a demonstration. What can we do to get peple to put together their own tiny brew kit?
  • Dan - Solid State Depot, been around for about 9 months, have 1500sq ft. Got our workshop efforts off the ground, give a bunch to our community as a workshop at low or no cost. Lockpicking workshop, android workshop, do an arduino workshop. one of the frustrations is that we decided we need mroe space but don’t ahve the membership dues to cover it yet. Frustrating to ask people for more. Whenever we get into an issue of how to pay bills, more members show up! Was at $50/mo, now to $75/mo. We have a very community-oriented space, democratic structure, so determined it for ourselves. We were able to up the member price, healthy spirit, strong sense of community,
    • How are you supporting that? Money in the bank or? 2 or 3 core members who make sure everything happens
  • Jacob - Moved into our new space - 2500 sq ft, 53 members (membership jumped when they moved, able to cover things now). Lack of energy, maybe from after move. It used to cost a lot personally for painting etc. And lack of energy in we’ve reached one vision of being in the space. Our challenge is finding a new vision and goal, why we’re coming to Space Federation is to find something larger than ourselves to shoot for next.
    • Do you think it’s just being tired? Fiscally and time-wise, go see your girlfriends or movies now or whatever. Reconnect to rest of lives.
    • Jeremy from, push to come in and do something you ENJOY, not worry about the administrivia for a bit.
    • How do you bring new members in to the community, let them know what needs are etc? We have a great location, we’re in Mesa AZ. Have public nights, guarentee a tour. Membership has yet to be an issue. Though touring and other naturalization processes, we’re able to bring people in so they can meet and see. If you wnat a key card, you have to get to know people and get voted in. And through that we introduce them to the actual culture, what it is to be in the space. Not playing video games etc. We’ve had new members come in and want to tour people, not up to the board anymore.
    • Group validation? Yes.
  • Josh from AHA - new board elections in a week. Working with schools about DIY classes. We’re holding about 30 different classes in schools. Arduino, Scratch, etc. Trying to get more spaces IN the space - laser cutting etc. Redev our website, get some more consistent door locking mechanisms. Struggle to keep space organized, encourage member growth and retention.
    • Can you join a call with James about educators etc? Yes
  • Joe at MakeIt - 1500sqft, getting new members in a pretty steady trickle. At a local high school doing an event recently. Have system set up, things run pretty smoothly, getting new members and signing up, doing accounting and all that. Have all the stuff set up. Biggest problem is reaching out and letting people know we exist. People saying “how did I not know this existed?!” Engineer community around here, but they just go to work and go home. Marketing. But we’re stable, making things. Barcamp etc. Not hard to get them to come, hard to get them to know that we’re here.
    • Radio stations, newspapers, programming groups, get marketing lists from Sparkfun etc. Dan in Boulder has a close relationships with SparkFun, going to explore that route. Joe, start a blog on marketing ideas on the Atrium
    • School Factory has a graphic designer, Sasha will jump on and help out.
  • Jay at DIYode dropped off
  • James at Bucketworks. Growing pretty well. Our space is huge - 27k sq ft, trying to fill it with enough stuff to fill it. Reaching out to orgs and groups. Last few weeks we’ve gained a new member who makes horizontal bee pods. Like racks for it. There’s a design group offering assistance to other members. Had Barcamp MKE recently, lots of really good sessions. End of November, going to have a Black Friday make your own gift day. Also finally obtained the huge space on the first floor of our space. DC414 did a bit of social hacking, found old records, called them, talked them into giving us the code. Challenge - it becomes illegal to bring firearms into non profit spaces, have to inform their membership.
    • We have a few members who definitely have guns, carry concealed elsewhere. I don’t know that it politically would pass to ban it outright.

7:55 - Summaryclose, share links, attendees, post update
  • Post to blogs, post your own, training on Open Atrium sometime soon.
  • Fill out form for SpaceCamp if you want to host.
  • Who is into Kinect?
  • Any update on group exemption?
    • Late 2011, early 2012. Significant structure revamp so we can accept even larger donations. But moving forward. (there was awhile we we thought it would be around now. The process takes FAR longer than we expected, but now we have a clearer idea of timeline)
  • Anyone getting grants etc?
    • Bucketworks got funding that’s been used for activities. All Hands has gotten some
    • Certainly looking for it. Problem seems to be the standards are a pain. Most fall under civic work, so they don’t cover overhead. Difficult to get operating grants, but it IS possible to add in operating to other projects. How much depends on how you describe and allocate it.
    • James will put together some grant workshops

8:00 - FIN
Space Federation
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