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Adding taxonomy to tags


Adding taxonomy to tags


We need a way to identify what stages different spaces are at, and how they participate with the Space Federation. We'll be able to do cool groupings on Atrium based off of these in the future to help with logistics and dialoge. Please add relevant taxonomy to your space's Project entry, and add other relevant taxonomy to this case.

  • Space Federation - you are a part of Space Federation. You believe in what is being done by this org and wish to stand with us in things like events, advocacy, grant writing, or fiscal sponsorship. This is a la carte based on your actual needs, so the only necessary thing to sign up is that desire to participate.
  • just looking - not (yet) a part of Space Federation, but interacting around those same ideas and checking things out. Maybe you participate with monthly calls, on the Atrium, or SpaceCamps, but aren't quite sure about the whole Space Fed thing.
  • physical space - you have a space in which your group is housed.
  • association - you are a group of people who are exploring the idea of having a space or of using another group's space to do similar social exchanges to those which take place in hacker or maker spaces.
  • mentoring - you are an established group who want to help guide newer groups through the process of learning and becoming established.
  • fiscally sponsored - you have fiscal sponsorship through School Factory

What else? I'll go through and add things to Projects and Cases as I can.


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Do you want spaces to edit their own taxonomy?


That would be lovely, and I would be less worried about stepping on toes. I prefer people to define themselves when definitions are necessary.


Also - you can have multiple tags/keywords, clearly!

Space Federation
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