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Marketing Ideas


Marketing Ideas


One of the larger problems now that we're an established space is reaching to people in the area who we know would like to join us, but haven't heard about us yet. Being in a not-urban-area, a large portion of the population is work-home-sleep-repeat. How do we reach out to these people?

So far we've:

  • Gotten posted in the local newspaper a couple times
  • Try to go to whatever local events related to our mission we can
  • Leave flyer stands at related businesses (hobby shops and hardware stores mostly, any other places anyone can think of?)

On the monthly phone-in, someone suggested talking to SparkFun, Adafruit, etc about emailing local people in their databases. Dan offered to get us in contact with SparkFun, as they have close ties to them.

Any other ideas?

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Post about your projects. I'm going to assume you've got a web site, and either a wiki or a blog...

Post things you've built, things you tried to build, post about the events you'll be at.

Submit things to Make Magazine, Hackaday, etc. with the hopes it gets posted and they link back to you. Post photos on Flickr, link back to a blog post on your site. Post on Facebook, start a page. Post on LinkedIn, add your position as a "Member" to your profile. Post on Twitter, retweet from your own account.



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