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Letter Sent to Insurance Brokerage


Letter Sent to Insurance Brokerage


I work for a non-profit organization called the School Factory, which works with communities all across America to create and sustain community workshop spaces where 'makers'--entrepreneurs, artists, technologists--gather to share tools, equipment and resources they can use to make their ideas into a reality. 

We provide support for several of these community workshop spaces already, and there are more than 200 more spread out across the States. 

As you can imagine, many of these places struggle to get insurance for their facility. They tend to work like a health club in terms of the business model-- people join, become a member, pay a regular monthly fee, receive training, and are then allowed to use the array of tools present in the space:

  • CnC
  • Router
  • Table saw
  • Kiln, pottery wheel
  • Electronics workbench
  • Woodshop

Each space is different and has different tools.

Most are also non-stock or non-profit corporations with a board of directors, and are funded primarily through membership fees, grants, gifts, and donations. 

We work with the spaces to help them make the tools safe for their members to use by establishing training programs and creating a kind of certification. As we talk to spaces we hear that they have a hard time getting insurance--they need both D&O and general liability.

Is there a way your agency can help us teach these spaces how to prepare themselves for underwriters? Which insurance companies would be best at serving these environments? Who would be the best person at [your firm] for me to talk with about this?

Space Federation
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