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Hackerspace Lightning talks


Hackerspace Lightning talks

Hey Hackerspaces. Do you do some form of lightning talks like ignite, CCC, or Noisebridge's 5 Minutes of Fame?

It is obvious that these events strengthen our spaces. By keeping eachother upates on our projects and our passions we bring ourselves closer together.  It is my belief that these talks will have similar effects nationally and globally. By recording what we're passionate about and swapping talks between spaces we can start the kind of conversations that are only starting to happen here.

HeatSync Labs in Pheonix is starting up our own series unfortunately titled Hot Topics.

If you know of any other talks, including self promoting your hackerspace, please let me know. I would love to feature a few talks from other spaces during our upcoming 11/11 talk night.


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Awesome idea Jacob! 

I would love to see the best practices of more spaces shared like you suggest. 

For the sake of priming conversation, here is a link to sketch notes of a FMOF at Noisebridge I attended:


Yep, we do at Pumping Station: One in Chicago. Our wiki about it:


We were doing videos for awhile:

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