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November's monthly call in


November's monthly call in

We still have a couple of slots open for our monthly call-in before we open up a second round. Third Wednesdays of the month at 18:00 PST

Find the notes from previous meeting (and rough agenda) at

I hope this link works: add to your gcal


please excuse typos and delays. i seem to have broken my arm.

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That link added something to my calendar for tonight at 10:30pm :(


How do I 'sign up'? Just express interest here? I just bothered James day of last time :)


The link did same to me - tried to create an event for tonight.

This will be Nov 16 at 1800 PST - aka 1600 HST.  I have it now in my calendars.  I can plan to be online for this.  


What time zone is HST? 


HST = Hawaii Standard Time = UTC/GMT -10 hours  no daylight savings time observed.



Willow, save me a slot!

Don't see how to register.  

Hopefully I'll get in the call. 

Thanks, Travis


Jj, jerry, Travis, I'll count you in!

+1 559 546 1700 and access code 535692#

James should hav a better agenda posted sometime before the mtg.


I am going to try to be on the call. Things have been crazy lately and am at about 80% sure I can be on the call.   One thing I would like to hear an update on is how things are going on group exemptions. As I recall from a previous call, more would be known about this by the end of the year.


Jeff - CT Hackerspace



I remeber there was a guide being written to help spaces with the issue of insurance

Getting an update on that would be both useful and timely.

Thanks, Travis



We will talk about Insurance as well as some sundry other topics! 

We'll also be joined by Jessica from, who will give us a brief intro to what her company does--I think there's a possible link for us to collaborate with Dabble at spaces to support learning and classes activities.

Looking forward to talking to all of you at 8pm CST!

Our agenda:

  1. Check in, intros
  2. Space Federation progress report
  3. Space Check-ins
  4. Dabble intro
  5. Insurance open talk
  6. Diversity open talk
  7. Close and next steps


Jeremy and I hope to call in and just be on mute to listen in. We want to keep tabs on Space Fed, but don't necessarily have anything for these agenda items and therfore don't want to take up someone elses spot.  Also we may have to leave early. 


Looking forward to jumping in if slots are still open! 


Please join! No upper limit -- well, I think the dial in service is limited to 25 participants. 


The notes from tonight's call are posted here:

Please feel free to edit and collaborate!

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