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Makers Local 256-Engineers without Borders - Appropriate Technology Lab

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Makers Local 256-Engineers without Borders - Appropriate Technology Lab



This page is for the Appropriate Technologies Lab's (ATL) collaboration projects of Makers Local 256 with Engineers Without Borders (EWB) - UAH & Engineers Without Borders - Huntsville Professionals (EWB - UAH-HSV Google Group).  The ATL will operate in support of EWB's projects for [ Mujila Falls Agriculture Center Centre] based in the Kanyama Chiefdom of NorthWestern Province, Zambia].  The core requirements of what is developed is that it uses appropriate technologies for the place where it is implemented as well as uses local labor and resources to support the local economy and communities.

Project Wikipage at Makers Local 256:


Current Status

  • 11/14/11 - After meeting with the SpaceFed telecon to discuss making a MakerSpace-Based Educational Resource, we are looking to test a curriculum pack (page) at the ATL by running one of the projects there as a class.
    • Given that spacefelix is working on pubilicity with EWB and we have had several requests by local Huntsville school teachers to come by and do demos, there is a possible segue into doing a school-level project that would be a great testing ground for the pack.


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