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Project Pack Template


Project Title



The setting: Explain the environment in which this project is going to be put to use. Describe the location, the people, the challenges they face. Paint a picture in the students' minds to help them approach the challenges with a clear idea of what appropriate technology might mean in this context.

The need: Describe the problem the students are going to try to solve. (eg The community needs electricity.)


The strategy: Describe the strategy, if any, that has already been determined as the best place to start for this project. (eg There is water in the location which can be harnessed for power.)


Analysis and Design:

What tools will the students use in the analysis and design phase?



Written Communication


Critical Thinking & Problem Solving


Content Knowledge


Oral Communication


Internet Research


Library Research






Focus Group




Task Management Chart


CAD software


Paper-based Drafting or Sketching


Journal Writing/ Learning Log





Are there specific materials that students must use in the project or must not use in the project?

Are there specific tool constraints?

Does the project need to be easy to assemble on site? Small enough to transport long distances?


Building and Making:

List the tools and materials needed in the classroom or lab to complete this project.


Tool List















Materials List





Nylon cloth









Space Federation
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