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Kickoff call for NOVA Labs

Task: Kickoff call for NOVA Labs

Assigned To: 
Due Date: 
Friday, May 18

Hi James, etal -

Just scheduling this with you since we heard on the last call Willow broke her arm.  Feel free to reassign if there are other people less busy.

Would like to schedule a call when it is convenient for you the week of November 29-December 2nd to cover any details we haven't found in your online docs.  High on the list is just getting the Fiscal Sponsorship program kicked off.

Thank you,


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Assigned To: James Carlson»bjacoby
Due Date: »Friday, May 18

Brian, my apologies for being late on this! I know you've spoken with Willow recently and we've been helping another member with a donation. The next time your group talks funding, etc. perhaps I can participate? Here's my calendar information:

Meanwhile I will work on the other tasks for Nova!


Status: Open»Resolved

Brian, let me know when next your board meets. For the time being I'm resolving this because we're all set.


Agree, we found everything shortly afterwards.  Atrium is sometimes difficult to wade through to find what you want.<
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