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December call!


December call!

It's that time again! Yay! This Wednesday at 18:00PST ( for conversion)

Call-in number: Dial-in: (916) 209-4534 PIN: 2935470 (this is different from last time)


  • Introductions : Your Name, Your Space, City, What do you make? [list] [concise]
  • Space Federation Updates
  • Space Updates : What is going great at your space? What is a challenge at your space?
  • Closing

Please include things you'd like to cover in the comments below.

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Also want to tell people about the NASA hackathon


Will try to be on the call. We are having a holiday party at CT Hackerspace on Wednesday so there is a chance that I may not be able to break away to join in but hope I can.  Either way, I am interested in hearing about progress on the group exemption front. 


Solid State Depot will be on the line with one or two members!


Maui Makers will try to be online 1800PST=>1600HST which is right between when vistitors are arriving on island (i.e. trips to airport).  Depending on socializing, I will be online.

Mele Kalikimaka!


I will be online for ATX hackerspace in Austin. We don't have a presence with School Factory, but I would love to see us working together more. Hopefully a few members will feel the love, ya? -|\/|/


I will be online as well.


We've taken notes from the call in this Google Doc:


(916) 209-4534 isn't working for me. I get a "wrong number, goodbye" after copy-pasting it into my phone.


It should work-- I'm calling you into it on a three way.


Dang. Sorry I missed it.  I was working on some LED strip projects and got totally tunnel visioned.

Happy Christmas and New Year to all ... Mele Kalikimaka!

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