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January call!


January call!


It's that time again! Yay! This Wednesday ( for conversion)

Question : would people be willing to do 09:00PST instead? I'm currently in Germany and cannot make 18:00PST.

Call-in number: Dial-in: (916) 209-4534 PIN: 2935470 (this is different from last time)


  • Introductions : Your Name, Your Space, City, What do you make? [list] [concise]
  • Space Federation Updates
    • End of year tax questions?
  • Space Updates : What is going great at your space? What is a challenge at your space?
    • Have something your space does exceptionally well? Want to be interviewed about it for the MAKE blog?
  • Closing

Please include things you'd like to cover in the comments below.


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Oh, also Big SpaceCamp, the unconference for hackerspace founders and facilitators. Updates on that thing.


Sounds good to me


That's 0700 hst. Guess I can get up early.

- Jerry Isdale
pls excuse typos. sent from phone w dumb autocratic. err autocorrect.

On Jan 17, 2012 7:01 AM, "Bucket Brigade" <> wrote:


Sorry, can't make it.  Working. :C


I will have a one-hour lunch break available, but that's about it.

I've been working on our mill project, and some cooperative ideas.

Not much to report on Mini Austin Makerfaire though =[


9a PST IT IS! Talk to you all then!


I may not be able to make it to represent Quelab, but Ihere's a little ditty that got my dander up... is not supportive of the hackerspace community B-(.  They say promoting a "venue or business" is against their terms of service.   I pasted the email thread below in case anyone is interested in the background context.

- - - - - - - - - -


Hello Greg, Meetup’s mission is to revitalize local community and help people around the world self-organize, and the Meetup platform is intended for groups that will help further this mission. Meetup is a community website and not a commercial marketplace. The Meetup platform is not intended for, and may not be used by, groups that are primarily for commercial purposes and that do not have any significant community aspect. These groups are a violation of our Terms of Service and we remove these groups when we become aware of them. Generally, a group will be viewed as commercial and lacking in a significant community aspect, if that group exists primarily to: *Promote a venue, product, or business *Send spam *Divert members to another website *Broadcast messages rather than having events Alternatively, businesses and organizations can support local Meetups as a Sponsor by offering membership Perks to Groups. Sponsors can provide perks and discounts, a place to meet, or even money, all of which helps raise awareness for their business or a brand. Find out more about our Perks program here: I'm afraid your Meetup Group violated our Terms of Service, and will not be reinstated. If you would like to start a new Meetup Group, please review the Terms of Service for clarification: Sincerely, Meetup HQ


JustinB from Olympia Makers, Engineers, Geeks and Artists ( here - We're taking the first steps toward fiscal sponsorship by the Space Federation. I'll be joining in on the conference call at 9am today!


@tospaceandback: That's quite a troubling response from Meetup. Meetup has been a powerful way to attract new people, but I've always been a little bit leary of them.

On some level, it's surely in their best interests to keep visitors "captive" on their website, but that creates a conflict of interest with their mission to support groups with a significant community aspect - something hackerspaces have in spades! To cover our butts on this front, we've tried to consistently publicize "" instead of "" so that we can just flip a switch in DNS if things go south.

Hopefully this is just a case of tone-deafness on their part, an inability to differentiate between a busy hackerspace and a busy commercial business. I'll be keeping an eye out for developments, and might email support myself to get further clarification on where they draw the line.


ARG. My VOIP is not working, and have just realized it's in the middle of people's work days.

James will hold it in your tonight, at the usual time. I'm so sorry, all!


Greetings! Geoff for Quelab here.

If I've read this correctly, the call has been postponed until 18:00PST?  If so, will it be using the same PIN?

Otherwise, I'll catch you all next month!


Same PIN. Here's the Google Doc for notes from the call--please feel free to edit with me!


Added the notes from the doc into the notebook.


Sorry I missed the call.  I had a presentation to the Board of Directors of the non-profit that hosts us (Community Work Day) to explain who we are and why we are working together.  The meeting was just after the call but I had to do some last minute changes to the presentation.   If you are interested, the presentation is available on google doc:

I only got thru the first 6 slides or so before we got into the Q&A/Comments.   They were basically supportive and very interested, but a bit concerned about the liability and what happens if we start attracting lots of people.   I told them we hope to be that successful, and if there were events, etc that were over say 20 people, we would need to find an alternative venue.  Someday I hope to outgrow on 40' container and even the double-container building we hope to build at current location.

Community Work Day is a sustainability & community/eco focused 501(c)3.  They let us use their NP status as a free pass-thru if needed (havent used it yet).  They host a variety of re-cycling projects on the grounds, which is cool for us. We have harvested some 12v batteries that were not quite dead, and resurrected them.  One member now has a workstation (music+computer)  that runs off batteries with solar recharge.  He also built a street amp off the batteries.   The CWD Board loved that.   CWD also has a big 'community garden' project with greenhouses, etc.  Our control system experiments/projects fit well into that and we look forward to building it into their setup.

In other Maui news - 

* we have been invited to have a table at TEDxMaui this weekend.  We are scrambling to get some display material ready.  Ive got an intereactive LED art project for in process which will be center piece. 

* local community access program "Self Made in Hawaii" filmed one of our meetings and will be airing a show about us in a few days

Hope to have pics & links to those things up soon!


(hmm this should probably go over on our page here too)

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