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Project: Hold a public interest meeting


Project: Hold a public interest meeting

At some point during the Discovery phase, plan a public meeting to guage interest among community members, find out what they would like to see in a space, and how they are willing to support it.

While the "Learn about your community" project emphasizes meeting with a variety of stakeholders and organizations in the community, the interest session will focus primarily on reaching out to people who might be interested in becoming members. Consider holding this meeting after you've already met with some groups and individuals, and have developed your network of ways to reach out to these potential members. If you are going to attend meetings of groups such as technology meetups, aim to have a date set for this interest session when you go so that you can invite people when you're there! If possible, reach out to the leaders of these groups and ask for a minute or two to make a formal announcement to the group about your upcoming interest session. As you meet with people during the "Learn about your community" tasks, be sure to invite anyone who is particularly excited about your idea to join for this session as well!

Here is one example of an agenda for a meeting like this:

Also see this prezi outlining the steps and aspects of a meeting:


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