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The second phase in the in the Space Kit.  The child pages here represent Projects.


Formation: 12-24 weeks

During Formation, the Founding Team will build on the learning of the Discovery phase and establish the legal, administrative, and operational structures of the business as well as selecting the physical location and preparing it for member and community use. The duration of this phase varies widely as factors such as ideal location, funding, and volunteer team availability all affect the timeline.

Formation involves:

  • Assembling an Administrative Team who will oversee the day-to-day operations of the space and become responsible for defining its operational policies including money management, marketing and communications, facility management, and member coordination
  • Forming a Legal Container for the organization, including filing articles of incorporation, obtaining a tax identification number, bank account, and legal name
  • Creating a Usability Structure for the space, including
    • formats for meetups, events, and member activities
    • floor planning
    • storage and materials management
    • access control and security
    • cleaning and maintenance
    • scheduling and space management
  • Making the Space Legal, including inspections, occupancy permits, local laws and zoning requirements, liability insurance requirements
  • Creating the Membership Model which includes the Membership Agreement, Membership Levels, Member On-Boarding process, and Tour Guidelines
  • Public launch of the project, including social media outreach to potential members, groups, and partners and expanding the number of people involved in the project
  • Event planning for the Opening Event
  • Establishing relationships with utilities and service providers who will support the space
  • Initial move-in, setup, configuration, and decoration

School Factory deliverables for this phase include:

  1. Facilitation and project planning for the Administrative Team, including definition of roles and responsibilities, creation of a marketing strategy, financial management procedures, and facility/operational management published as the Operating Manual for the space
  2. Project management and mentoring on the creation of the Legal Container, including articles of incorporation, tax ID, and bank account selection and setup
  3. Bi-monthly in person and weekly remote co-working sessions for Administrative/Founding Team members to determine the Usability Structure and Compliance of the space
  4. Facilitating a half-day Member Modeling Workshop between the Administrative Team, Founding Team, and wider community to develop and document the initial Membership Agreement, Levels, and On-Boarding process using School Factory provided templates and creative discussion
  5. Creating an Opening Marketing and Event Plan as well as a Social Media Release for the event
  6. Mentorship and guidance on the physical configuration of the environment, decoration, and accessibility
  7. Mentorship and guidance on the overall publicity and marketing of the project, including technical guidance

The Formation phase concludes with the public launch of the space and an Opening Event that brings the wider community to the space--but there is still much more to do to ensure the space is sustainable.

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