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Project: Setup Operational Procedures


Project: Setup Operational Procedures

Description: Determine the details of how you will run your space in alignment with how you’ve set up your space so far, your goals, charter and rules as well as the form of your board and membership.
Create the membership joining process
Role who does itGoverning Board
Determine how you are going to introduce newcomers to the space, promote them to join as well as check them out as needed for fit in your community.
Estimated Time2 days
Level of Effort
Low, if you have done the prior work to determine your membership structure, this ought to follow naturally.
Set up facilities management (organizing chores)
Role who does it
Everybody under the leadership of the Facilities Manager
This includes the regular things and chores, cleaning the space, taking out the trash, paying the bills on time and making sure there are enough supplies to go around. A very vital part of running a space.
Estimated Time
1 week and more as things move along and develop. This task is likely to be continuous.
Level of Effort
Involve more people and this can be easy. It is important that people understand the importance of it and commit.


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