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Project: Setup the Space


Project: Setup the Space

Description: Set up your space for public viewing.  After all your hard work of building it up to code and setting up gear and supplies, you really want to clean up and make it presentable and inviting.  Beautification and front-end engineering here are a must.

Clean up the space
Role who does itEveryone under the leadership of the Facilities Manager.
DescriptionGet the place squeaky clean.  A clean space will make good impressions.
Estimated Time2 days
Level of EffortGet as many hands on board and it will be easy.
Create a welcoming entrance
Role who does itEveryone with a good eye for front-end engineering.
DescriptionMake an attention-drawing and  inviting entryway for newcomers.  This will bring people in and give first impressions.  You want to make a good face.
Estimated Time3 days
Level of EffortIf you have a good eye for it, medium to easy.
Hang signage
Role who does itEveryone, graphics design experience a plus.
DescriptionMake attractive and simply descriptive signs to advertise your space and draw people in.  Humor, wit, simplicity and visual pleasure are a must.
Estimated Time3 days
Level of EffortIf you have a good eye for it, medium to easy.


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