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Project: Marketing & PR


Project: Marketing & PR

Description: A good marketing campaign is key to getting you name out in the open and letting people know you are open for business.  This effort complements the opening day and should run for several weeks to drum up interest and anticipation for the opening of your hackerspace and keep up interest in the months following.

Fliers! Cards! Schwag!
Role who does itPublicity officer and team.  Bonus for people who have marketing experience and/or graphic design.
DescriptionMake business cards, pamphlets, fliers and schwag to hand out to people you meet or to leave in public venues for people to pick up.  Often times you engage in casual conversation with someone and have a chance to make a connection.  Make it worthwhile by having something to give them so they remember you and what you offered.  Something witty, useful and attention-getting usually helps people pick it up and keep it (e.g. pens and tools with your space name, contact and logo on it).
Estimated Time2-3 weeks depending on the campaign, the material you will use and how much you have.
Level of EffortLow to medium depending on the size, medium and material of the campaign.
Press releases (open house, events, etc)
Role who does it

Publicity officer and team.  Bonus for those with a journalism and/or media background.

DescriptionSend a press release out via your website and other channels to announce your open house and give an after-action report.  Writing, podcast, video are recommended mediums.  Keep this up for future events.  Often times the media will watch your channels and repost your releases.  The frequency and quality of the posts keeps people interested.  Hence the need for good journalism, photographs and an all-around strong presentation.
Estimated TimeOnce every 1 or 2 weeks.
Level of EffortMedium depending on the material and the experience and size of your team.


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